Integrated Land Enhancement




Improving and understanding the quality of the landscape

Our Services
  1. Research
    Well performed studies can provide value to anyone from home gardeners to academic scientists. Whether you want to make sure your study is scientifically valid or you are seeking resources for land restoration studies, we can help .
  2. Land Management
    Land Management
    From improving soil fertility, to organic invasive plant management to growing edible mushrooms, we offer a a range of services to enhance the quality of your land. All of our methods integrate the natural environment with the client's desires.
  3. Education
    Integrated and holistic land management includes cutting edge knowledge of natural science and agriculture. To help keep up we offer a variety of classes and workshops, as well as one-on-one tutoring and consulting.
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Our Philosophy
Integrated Land Enchancement (ILE) is a company based on the principle that every part of our landscape, from backyard to farm field to urban street to forested woodland, can be improved and made more rich from human behavior.  Our methods are based in understanding and following the processes of nature and aligning land management with ecological succession.

We focus on tools that can be used to enhance the health of land at a low cost and emphasize locally sourced materials.  Through an integrated understanding of the influences of plants, fungi, microorganisms, minerals, soil structure, landscape topography and water regimes, available materials are utilized to their maximum benefit.

Studying these interactions is a priority of our work, which is why we offer education and consulting to land managers and researchers for conducting well designed sound science, in order to expand the body of knowledge on regenerative practices so they may become more common and supported.

Whether growing beneficial organisms in the lab, getting our hands dirty shaping the land and enhancing the soil, or crunching numbers at the desk to turn data into meaningful scientific results, at ILE our goal is to expand the knowledge and practice of enhancing the land we live on to maximize the efficiency of nature. 

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